Train With Bruce Bell

Inventor Of The IKO-Ball


One “3 Pack Series”

Must purchase the Inventory Clearance IKO-Ball to qualify.


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Today’s Price $299

Three (3) One Hour Sessions

Learn the essentials skills to a healthy fascial fitness practices.

Move without pain.

Have more vitality.

Feel more joy.



3 Discounted Private Zoom Sessions with Elizabeth or Bruce


1. Includes Assessment, Body and Energy Field Reading and Customized Protocol. Get the kind of personal attention we give you in an in-person private.

2. Prop Tutorial. Everyone is different and our bodies respond differently to the props. We’ll guide you personally through how to find your best ways to harvest the pleasure from using them.

3. Opening the Inner Body Dialogue with the outer world. Where the inner meets the outer IS the basis of spatial medicine.

This session is an opportunity to dive deep into a new level of resourcing your aliveness.

Choose either: Low Threshold Long Distance Healing or Coherence Meditation where we walk you through each of your chakras and the psychic adhesions released.